Partnership Program

Allows us to develop the HR services market and make our customers happy with profitable offers and bonuses from HRBOX partners

The HRBOX team strives to build up the professional community and attract best in class experts. Our community gives a chance for every HR specialist to find a solution to the maximum number of challenges. We are constantly expanding the team of partners who provide HR services and negotiate unique conditions for our clients
HRBOX partners  
  • Netology
    An educational platform that trains people for in-demand professions in the areas of Internet marketing, business & management, design, programming and analytics. Besides, students can study MBA programs, develop their soft skills or get higher education.
    For HRBOX customers, the company provides a 20% discount on the training course "HR analytics and automation."
  • HR consulting company. Since 2008, the company has been consulting in the field of key HR processes: assessment and development of employees, teams, organizations. The asset covers more than 1,500 projects for state corporations, private companies and start-ups in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries.
    For HRBOX clients, the company provides a 10% discount on consulting services.
  • HR Kitchen
    An open educational project for professionals in people management. In our kitchen you can always find free author's video courses from industry leaders, a series of online conferences, useful materials and more than 200 free webinars a year!
    For HRBOX customers, the company provides materials from any conference which occurred from 2020 or 2021 free of charge.
  • A team of like-minded people whose goal is to set up conferences and create training programs for both HR professionals and specialists in other fields who are interested in self-development and personal performance management.
    For HRBOX customers, the company provides a 5% discount on events.
  • Professional training by some of the best experts in Russia. We have brought together leading trainers on key topics of contemporary business, so that each company has the opportunity to train employees in one place.
    For HRBOX clients, the company provides a 10% discount on all training formats.
  • A platform for managing employee engagement and performance in real time, based on artificial intelligence technology. With the help of the platform, companies can conduct smart employee surveys that allow us to identify team spirit, identify informal leaders, diagnose the degree of staff burnout, and much more.
    For HRBOX customers, the company provides 1 month of using the platform as a gift.

  • A consulting and training studio in the area of personnel management covering corporate culture, internal communications, staff motivation and engagement, and company brand development. Consultations, training courses, moderation, strategic and facilitation sessions, research and surveys.
    For HRBOX customers, the company provides a 10% discount on all its services.
  • Guzel Garayeva's online school opens up new prospects for career growth and professional development for HR professionals. We are trusted by both private specialists and major holdings in training employees of their HR departments. Students implement new projects, get promoted, find job while doing their studies, that's a fact!
    For HRBOX clients, the school provides a 25% discount on tuition.
  • Chat platform based on artificial intelligence for communication with candidates and employees. Helps speed up mass recruitment and reduce recruiting and internal communications costs with the help of HR bots.
    For HRBOX customers, the company provides a 10% discount on the first purchase.
  • The Rivelty agency explores the digital experience of employees and designs modern corporate portals. Helps companies understand what kind of intranet is needed to solve their business tasks and improve the digital well-being of employees. If you are faced with the need to change the platform as part of import substitution, the answer is Rivelty. Intranet team will help you successfully “migrate”: develop a migration concept, including a plan and stages of the move, a new structure, navigation, technical requirements, design layouts, and also help update content.
    Ask your manager for a unique offer for creating and moving an Intranet for HRBOX clients.
  • The largest intellectual game played in 256 cities in 16 countries. For 10 years, it has been creating games that help build the team spirit. There are 4 types of games. Online and offline format. Absolutely all employees in your company are going to love it!
    The company provides a free game for HRBOX customers MozgoParty is a great reason to get together with colleagues and have some intellectual fun.You can play with any number of people — all you need is to split up into teams and take a seat in front of the screen. Ask your manager to get a promo code for a free game
  • Business trips organization service, which takes care of everything: tickets, accommodation, transfers and taxis at suppliers' costs. After a trip, pay documents are automatically generated in Smartway, and can be uploaded in one click. The service also provides in-depth travel analytics and convenient tools to control company expenses. Traveling on business trips with Smartway is convenient, fast and cost-saving.
    For HRBOX customers, the service provides a 100% discount on the subscription fee for the first month of use.
  • Creative workshop environment of wellbeing solutions for companies that want to get a visible effect from corporate wellbeing programs. We have a wide range of healthy lifestyle reality shows, health marathons, targeted wellbeing programs in all areas of healthy lifestyle and ESG. And together with you, we will find a solution that will make a difference!
    For HRBOX 5 Harmonies customers might get analysis of 5 corporate well-being areas for the price of one.
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