360 degree, eNPS and ICSI

Help to collect feedback on team competencies and plan their development

Opportunity to pull out the matrix data from your corporate system, flexible settings of competences with indicators, various templates to create polls for different audiences together with notification settings and detailed reports will free your time from routine feedback collection and will give you a bigger picture of competencies map of your teams.
Easy access to all information about your team
HRBOX 360 degree includes
Automatic creation of matrix pulled from the company's structure with a chance to carry out targeted changes
HR interaction matrix
Competencies and indicators
Competencies and behavior indicators toolkit with the option to use ready templates
Questions about competencies and the option to add additional questions for different target groups
Surveys templates
General schedule setup and individual reminders to fill in the surveys
Notifications automation
Detailed 360 degree reports with various aspects and our well-known and beloved web of competencies
Results reports
Differentiated access rights to employees and automatic notification of managers
Availability of the results
Extra features of HRBOX
Customized survey templates
Create your own 360 survey templates for different target audiences. Add additional questions not related to competencies to get a broader picture
Anonymity settings
Set up a needed format of feedbacks collection: anonymous or open. We grant anonymity of survey results regardless of employee level and access rights
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