Requests and processes

Reduce the number of requests under routine processes by 70%

With HRBOX you can transfer all basic processes and approvals into an automated format. We have developed a functional toolkit for creating different routes and stages for various processes. You will be able to create your own request form, select responsible parties, set deadlines for each stage, collect feedback from internal customers of the application. If needed, you can quickly readjust the process and make it even more efficient
Free up your time for important things
HRBOX requests and processes include:
Setting up approval and execution routes, responsibilities and deadlines for each given process
Splitting processes into categories for easy search of the necessary requests by your employees
Easy search in the processes directory
Automatic request for initiator's feedback will quickly show the problem areas in your processes
Various breakdowns and levels of detail of reports on processes with convenient visualization for analysis
Process execution reports
Extra features of HRBOX
Use any processes in one directory
With HRBOX you can automate not only processes related to personnel management, but also any other processes in your company. Everything that you normally agree upon in emails or on paper can be transformed into an automated format on our platform: you save time and increase internal customer satisfaction
Flexibility of settings
Processes and their owners are constantly changing. Our toolkit will automatically check if responsible people are active on the portal. It will warn you if something goes wrong, and help you quickly reconfigure the required process
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