Gamification and engagement

Increases employees' satisfaction and involvement in solving important tasks up to 42%

You don't need to search for any additional tools neither for employees engagement nor for gamification of your processes. We have come up with customized features for creating and assigning achievements, built-in corporate currency and a store. Two clicks and you launch a photo contest with voting. Use our service of customizable postcards, our small joys that brighten up work days and make people around happy. This service allows your employees to congratulate each other with success or birthday, share support or just thank colleagues for their help
Develop your team engagement
HRBOX gamification and engagement includes:
Pool of customizable postcards gives you a chance to use your own design for different business occasions
Postcards service
Badges (achievements) toolkit for promotion of important company values and actions
Creation of any corporate currency and setting up the rules for its circulation in the company in one place
Internal currency
Easy-to-use corporate store toolkit with different types of items and costs – all in your corporate currency
Corporate store
Voting for photos on hot topics to develop additional communications and employee engagement
Photo contests for the personnel
Extra features of HRBOX
Internal currency name
Pick up the name of your own internal currency. Studies show that good naming of your corporate coins can become an additional tool to engage your people into corporate life and promote your company's culture. That's why we left this part of the setup on your side
Currency turnover rules
You can set up your own rules of how the team should exchange corporate currency within the platform. Colleagues can get a chance to share a percentage of their wallet, or they can have access to a special part of the bank which you will be filling according to your schedule. It is you who sets the rules of the game!
Get creative in the corporate store
Our corporate store toolkit solution makes the process of launching this part of the platform as simple and fast as possible. Do not forget about creativity: use not only the so-called corporate “merch”, but also more complex items that develop the values you need. For example, paying for any training or informal breakfast with the CEO of your company might be a great idea
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