Agent program

Develops the market of exclusive HR-Tech solutions

HRBOX helps solving your clients requests
Our agent program is aimed to create win-win partnerships with experts in the field of HR
of companies do have HR automation in Russia
By offering HRBOX to your clients and partners you solve their requests and get happy clients back
< 11%
employees each client has in average
With the help of HRBOX you'll be able to launch ambitious projects faster and easier without any additional efforts, while spending less time on routine management processes
agency fee
We don't raise prices for your clients and partners. We cover those expenses and provide HRBOX services on the same conditions valid for all our users
Work with us as an agent

4 easy steps:

We sign an agreement with you
You recommend HRBOX to your clients and partners
The client pays HRBOX services in any convenient way
You get commission for every contract paid by your lead at the end of each month
I want to become an agent!