Corporate portal

All information about the company, its people, structure and processes in one place

A broad range of functions of HRBOX corporate portal allows to create a unified information field for all employees, share news, keep up with the events, maintain a knowledge base. The portal creates a single window for the search of any information or business processes, timely structure, or info about colleagues and divisions.
Unified information field
HRBOX corporate portal includes:
A visual representation of the divisions structure, what they are responsible for, who manages them, and how many employees are there.
Required personnel and contact information, statuses of employees, their responsibilities, etc.
Employee personal card
User-friendly creation of pages, storage of documents, building your catalog and easy data search.
Corporate knowledge base
A simple editor for creating news, information pages and advertising banners, a toolkit of newsletters and notifications.
Current news
Likes and comments to the content, built-in postcard service, birthday page, flexible photo contest toolkit.
with users
Setting the required visibility of any content for different target audiences, tagging information for easy search.
Content visibility configuration
Extra features of HRBOX
Integration with your accounting systems
You can synchronize your employees and departments data in 1C with HRBOX using our free plug-in and detailed instructions. Or use API to upload data from another HR system. Still keeping records in the spreadsheets? Then use the manual download using an excel file.
Easy management without IT support
We created a system that can be administered by an HR specialist without IT background. That's why there is no need for IT assistance for the implementation and further management of the platform. At the launch stage we will introduce all HRBOX features to you, advise on how to set up needed sections and provide training for further efficient exploitation of the platform.
Platform customization with your brand book
Customize the color scheme in accordance with your brand book in two clicks and fill it with content to match your corporate brand style
Intranet with extranet options
Add to your platform not only employees, but also external users with limited access rights
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