Goals management

Helps to increase team efficiency up to 40% thanks to transparent goal setting and tracking system

Simple and clear features help to track real time team performance. You will be able to set goals for different time slots, prioritize its completion by weighting each goal. Collect results and get any kind of reports designed for your needs: whole team report, unit or individual report. The same features will help you set development goals or probation period goals and store the entire history of the performance of your employees
Track team results
HRBOX goal management includes:
Fixed top-down or bottom-up goals which you can rely on, approval options and a chance to track the history of changes
Goal setting
The goal type depends on the assigned task: digital, completed / not completed, percentage
Different types of goals
Set your own time period for any goal: one day, a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year - any period is available
Time slot setting for goals
Link goals of line manager with team members, use goals tree to see company's roadmap
Employees goals tree
Opportunity to set a weight to prioritize goals and assess their fulfillment using ratings
Goals weight and ratings
Goals report for employees, team report for managers, reports for corporate admins
Goals reports
Extra features of HRBOX
Set the goals the way you normally do
Set goals top down and bottom up. In the first case, employees will get a notification once the goal is set and the only thing they need to do is to fill in the results when deadline comes. In the second case, your employees will set their goals themselves and send them to their line managers for approval
Saving records of goal completion
Any time you can raise goal completion records of any employee, unit or company. Choose the format that works best for you: rating report or a percentage completion that is automatically calculated based on the weight of each goal
All goals in one place
You don't have to keep and coordinate different types of goals in your mail, Google disk or Excel file. Just set your goals in HRBOX and analyze the results in simple and clear reports when time comes
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