Every day we create and develop the best HR platform in Russian market

HRBOX is a cloud-based solution for HR processes automation.
Our platform improves communications, engages teams in corporate objectives. It makes onboarding process fast and smooth and serves as a training platform. Besides, it collects feedbacks and ideas. And finally, it’s created with gamification features which makes all complicated internal processes fun.
HR platform makes people happier, every day. It changes the world by making the difference in the way your business operates.

Our advantages

  • Rational features
  • Fast implementation
  • Simple customization
  • Easy to use and manage
All of these will significantly save your resources, and let you focus on strategic goals

Our story

We started HRBOX in March, 2019 and during 2.5 years we managed to implement the following features units:
  • Corporate portal
  • Learning management system (LMS)
  • New-hire onboarding system
  • Surveys and feedback tools
  • 360 degree and ISCI survey
  • Gamification and engagement
  • Routine process automation linked to 1C
  • Goal setting and tracking
It all became possible thanks to our deep HR expertise and strong IT competencies
The founder and generator of ideas
17 years of experience in the role of HR Director in the largest Russian companies, as well as deep expertise in HR processes development and automation, serve as a solid base for creating elaborate HR solutions.
Vasilina Sokolova
Now a team of 12 people living in 7 different cities work together over this platform. The funny thing is that we’ve never met offline. We start with a video call every morning and share our progress, ideas, and questions. We share our best expertise, and sometimes we fight like hell over solutions to make them as thoughtful and bright as possible. Because we never compromise the quality. This is where our core goal shows up –we strive to make the most useful and rational product, and everyone puts their heart into it.
Our team
More than 50 clients trust us. Together, we create and develop the best HR platform in the Russian market every day.
We are just getting started! Sky is the limit!