Learning Management System

Allows to increase proficiency, uniform standards and assess the level of knowledge gained by the team

Our e-learning system allows to download, store and organize all the training materials in a catalogue. Using this tool you can easily set up target training tracks and make various reports. The toolkit of tests, longreads, courses and programs helps to create content without additional tools. Our calendar allows you to plan offline trainings. Our built-in services will help you conduct webinars, store and administer the corporate library
Corporate training with maximum benefits
HRBOX LMS includes:
Built-in toolkit for creating tests, tasks, long reads, programs and courses
Fast upload and the chance to create an easy-to-use structure of content in your catalogue
Create learning tracks and automate assignments to the right target groups
Training reports with different levels of detail and breakdown, with additional filters, visualization and export to Excel
Built-in webinar platform, planning of training events in the calendar
and webinars
Loading and storage of important books for the company, tracking their reading status and circulation around the company
Extra features of HRBOX
Any types of formats support
You can upload training materials in any format: videos, presentations, pdf-files, scorm and tincan. The built-in toolkit allows to create long reads, tests, assignments. Moreover, it can put together courses and training programs from any data
Mix of online and offline trainings
Link offline trainings and webinars with the required online materials and tasks to increase the efficiency of learning. You can provide preliminary theoretical materials, give homework to upgrade skills and automate testing of retained knowledge
Manager's page
Your managers will be able to follow up the process of their employees' training and get detailed reports on their progress and test results
Share your knowledge with your clients and partners
Give limited access to your training materials to the audience outside your company. This allows to create additional service for the clients and partners of your company. Additionally you can check candidates' knowledge using tests on HRBOX
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