Helps to reduce onboarding time by 32% and get new hires on track faster

A great mix of corporate portal and learning management system makes it possible to quickly immerse newcomers in your information environment, create and launch automatic adaptation tracks for different target audiences. You only need to follow up the onboarding process in the detailed reports and celebrate the newcomers progress
Help new-hires to become a part of the team
HRBOX onboarding includes:
A collection of useful information tailored for different target audiences
Onboarding knowledge base
Access to the news and the structure
News feeds and visual materials for a smooth interaction in the new conditions
Special toolkit of learning materials and individual tracks for different groups of the new-hires
Onboarding tracks
Automatic assignment of the required adaptation track for a new comer once registered at the platform
Automatic launch of onboarding programs
Reports with various data on adaptation completion for groups or individuals
Progress report
Automatic notification of new-hires start dates, postcard service, badges, internal currency and corporate store
Engagement and gamification
Extra features of HRBOX
Integration with HR systems
You can synchronize your employees and departments data in 1C with HRBOX using our free plug-in and detailed instructions. Your new-hires will get into HRBOX once they get uploaded into your corporate records
Easy content creation
We have come up with a user-friendly editor for any type of information content. We invented a simple toolkit of training materials and onboarding programs. You do not need any technical knowledge to create and run an onboarding system
Follow up on the new-hires progress
Use the goal setting and tracking module to make your onboarding more transparent and efficient. The goal section will allow the management of the company to record and track the progress of your new-hires and offer them in a suitable format to their manager. The same access might be given to HR specialist and mentor
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