Gives a chance to increase employees engagement up to 30% thanks to high-quality feedback from the team

HRBOX accumulated the most relevant feedback tools. You can create any type of surveys with our platform toolkit. Well-thought-out features for collecting ideas will save every single idea or suggestion that come from your employees. Real-time feedback to any colleague or department will help you quickly see the difficulties in communication. And the platform toolkit for Internal Customer Satisfaction Index (ICSI) will allow you to put in numbers the effectiveness of your processes and bring them to the next level of service
Keep up with your team's mood
HRBOX feedback is:
Built-in toolkit tool for creating any type of surveys with many settings for a variety of needs
Survey toolkit
Features for assessing the engagement level of internal clients and the effectiveness of existing processes
Engagement surveys
A short form for prompt feedback applied to any colleague or department of the company
Real-time feedback
A platform for collecting innovative ideas from the team, with options of voting and displaying the implementation status
Collection of ideas
Different depth of details for each feedback tool for high-quality and prompt evaluation of results
Extra features of HRBOX
All feedback results
With HRBOX solution, you will have saved history of the previous surveys at various resources. We keep all kinds of feedback received in one place which allows to compare the results
Availability of results to stakeholders
You no longer need to download partial reports and send them by email. All managers have easy access to the results of the feedback surveys in their teams. You can manage "access" to the data based on your objectives
Target audience for feedback collection
You can customize the system itself and each type of feedback based on your particular needs. Go ahead and collect ideas only from employees who have completed the trial period! Only managers can give real-time feedbacks — Absolutely, why not! Thanks to flexible settings of the system you can decide upon the theme of the survey and its target group - feel free to reach all your employees or only those of specific interest
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