Audit of HR processes

We will perform a comprehensive audit of HR processes

An audit of HR processes is worth conducting if the company grows rapidly. Usually, in such situations, the processes do not keep up with the growth of the business. Our experts will immerse in your processes and will help you understand what needs to be optimized, what should be regulated and what remains to be created.
We can streamline your process

Our experts will level up

the following HR areas:

  • HR strategy
  • Personnel budget
  • HR department performance management
  • HR analytics
  • Personnel onboarding
  • 360 degree, competencies model
  • Learning and development
  • Talent management, succession planning, HiPo
  • Social programs and guarantees
  • Corporate culture and HR Brand
  • Internal communications
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based on the results of the tutorial, we will offer you an action plan and provide a cost of the required service